Who We Are?

Who We Are?

To support technologic independecy studies of Turkey, we trusted and motivated by our engineers and brain power while manufacturing “ILTER Drone Detection and Neutralization System” with visions of being domestic and original.

Our culture of contribution to our economy by employment with production and R&D plays a role in the success of our defense technologies those added in the Defense Industry and Turkish Armed Forces inventory.

We aim to develop the most advanced technological systems in “ILTER Drone Detection and Neutralization” 90.45% and “Fire Suppression and Extinguishing” 94.98% domestic production.

We implement new technologies dynamically by ensuring the integration of R&D, P&D and production processes with our result-oriented team spirit, strong corporate structure based on modern management.

As well as determining needs, design and production, we ensure to Civil and Defense Industries to be one step ahead of the threats posed by rapidly developing technology with minimum cost and maximum security.

Our company has been established in being Boğaziçi Defense Technologies Industry and Trade Inc. In 12 February 2018 Ankara / TURKEY.

We continue our activity in the defense industry. Our main activities are R&D, design and production of the Drone Detection and Neutralization System and  Fire Suppression and Extinguishing System.

We aim to measure our recent performance as possible as we can, considering to the necessity of making corporate development permanent. 

The measurable performances are transformed into information and improvements can be followed with the effective use of statistical methods. 

The primary objectives followed and improved are:

  • Achieving the determined annual quality targets,
  • Continuous improvement and training of personnel in this direction,
  • To follow the technology closely and benefit from new technological opportunities,
  • Increasing customer satisfaction, increasing sales and profit rates every year.A

Our duty in accordance with the sustainable growth strategy

  • To contribute to the national economy by providing employment in the real sector.
  • It is to convert goodwill and potential into production and profit.
  • To be the leader in the fields of Drone Detection and Prevention System and Fire Suppression and Extinguishing System in the country.

Press Release

Press Release