Integrated Drone Detection and Neutralization System

İLTER Drone/UAV Detection and Neutralization System 90.45% domestic production of Boğaziçi Defence Technologies consist of fully integrated RF and radar based drone detection and suppression system with a full automatic detecting, jamming and spoofing capability against Drones/UAV’s operating autonomously without any transmission and using ISM bands to communicate with their remote controllers.

Anti-Drone Radar System Key Features

  • Human, vehicle and Mini/Micro UAV classification
  • Wide angle coverage
  • Built-in GPS and compass with map support
  • Low probability of intercept (LPI)
  • Ease of use
  • Simultaneous short and long range coverage
  • Operates on KU frequency band with low RF output. It
    has an advanced technology solid state radio frequency
    design and digital radar architecture.
  • Provides effective protection against low and high-aItitude
    Mini/Micro UAV’s, with its 40° elevation angle.
  • Capability to define alarms and friendly zones. With its
    built-in, GPS and magnetic compass, the system reveals
    its own location and direction to the user on digital map.

User Interface provides the destination, distance, speed and
orientation information of the targets tracked to the operator.

  • Automatic target classification is done on Track While Scan Mode and classification reliability is increased with detailed algorithms on Target Analysis Mode. Target Analysis Mode classifies human, animal, vehicle, Mini / Micro UAV etc.
  • Has optional or continuous built-in test (BIT) capability.
  • Detects low-altitude UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
    with rotating and fixed wings.
  • Detects wireless communication of the drone with its
    remote control.
  • Detects frequency bands UHF, S ve C
  • Detects and suppress all autonomous flying threats.
  • Jams frequency bands of remote control communications with hostile Drones/UAVs.
  • Jams autonomous flights based on GNSS (GPS(L1,L2,L5), GLONASS(G1,G2,G3), GALILEO(E1,E5a,E5b,E6), BEIDOU(B1,B2,B3)) frequency bands.
  • Spoofing in the GNSS bands.
  • ILTER generates user defined GNSS signals to jam autonomous hostile flights.
  • Remove threats to safer zone.