Mobile High Power
GNSS Spoofing and ISM Jamming System

Mobile High Power GNSS Jamming, Spoofing and ISM Jamming System redirecting targets to locations up to 150-200 kilometers away from the defended location with its strong GNSS spoofing system and ISM jammers with its user-friendly interface. The whole system is mounted on a 4×4 vehicle, ensuring great mobility and also 24 hours uninterrupted operation.

  • 24 hours of operation (powered by generator and city network))
  • 1 hour operation with UPS
  • Automatic target positioning
  • Standard live broadcast vehicle appearance
  • Operation section with air conditioning for 2 operators
  • Remote operation
  • Electromagnetic protection around operation section
  • Single fuel tank for both vehicle and generator
  • Vehicle stabilizer feet and leveling
  • Superior off-road characteristics (All wheel drive 4×4)
  • Modularity (Available for different brands)
  • Fake High Power GNSS signals generated by ILTER to block autonomous hostile flights
    from 150 km
  • Remove the threat to safer zones
  • Jamming and spoofing from 150 km Distance
  • Jamming and spoofing in the 40 degree range
  • Jamming and spoofing in both horizontal and vertical directions