Mobile High Power
GNSS Spoofing and ISM Jamming System

Mobile High Power GNSS Jamming, Spoofing and ISM Jamming System redirecting targets to locations up to 150-200 kilometers away from the defended location with its strong GNSS spoofing system and ISM jammers with its user-friendly interface. The whole system is mounted on a 4×4 vehicle, ensuring great mobility and also 24 hours uninterrupted operation.

  • Can be applied to all kinds of vehicles.
  • Different versions are available.
    • GNSS and ISM frequency bands
    • Satellite, GNSS and ISM frequency bands
    • User programmable custom frequency bands
  • Standalone operation with integrated power generator
  • Radar integration
  • Electromechanical controlled positioner for antenna system
  • Remote control operation
  • Ready to operate in 10 minutes
  • Power management with UPS and mains
  • Installed softwares
    • Control software
    • Line of sight calculation
    • Signed generation software
  • Electromagnetic protection for operator area
  • Fake GNSS signals generated by ILTER to block autonomous hostile flights.
  • Spoofing (misleads coordinates) up to 80 km distance on direction.
  • Remove threats to safer zone.
  • Jamming and spoofing from 150 km Distance
  • Jamming and spoofing in the 40 degree range
  • Jamming and spoofing in both horizontal and vertical directions