Drone Detection and Neutralization System​

Key Features

  • Detects drones/UAVs with RF spectrum
  • RF output power typical 250 W.
  • 180° wide detection and neutralization in the specified direction against drone attacks.
  • Detects up to 180° horizontally and 60° vertically.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Jamming ratio range at least 1:2, typical 1:5
  • Spoofing in the GNSS bands.


  • Detects low-altitude UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with rotating and fixed wings.
  • Detects wireless communication of the drone with its remote control.
  • Detects frequency bands UHF, S ve C


  • Jams frequency bands of remote control communications with hostile Drones/UAVs.
  • Jams autonomous flights based on GNSS (GPS(L1,L2,L5), GLONASS(G1,G2,G3), GALILEO(E1,E5a,E5b,E6), BEIDOU(B1,B2,B3)) frequency bands.


  • User-defined GNSS signals generated by ILTER to jam autonomous hostile flights.
  • Remove the threat from protected zone.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface and touch screen
  • User authorization
  • Wireless connection between command and control center and ILTER
  • User-friendly GUI operation
  • Detailed log records
  • Central command and control capability of multiple ILTER systems
  • Update with remote connection