Laser Based Communication System

Laser communication system offers an ultra-fast and highly secured wireless data transmission solution. System doesn’t affected by jammers. Laser communication system provides a safe optical wide band connectivity.

Key Features

  • High speed (up to 1 Gbps) & wide band
  • Jammer proof
  • Secure communication
  • Low detectability compared to RF
  • Easy to move
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • No comms licience required
  • Two different spectrum RF cells can be interconnected via LCS.
  • Secure communication in RF dangerous enviroments (Explosive ordanence storage)
  • Last mile application
  • Totally safe to human health
  • Low power consumption
  • EMC Safe for existing devices


  • It’s a suitable military communication solution due to being a secure and undetectable system
  • Between and within bases / outposts / buildings.
  • Points requiring temporary communication.
  • In the installation center of satellite systems.
  • In areas requiring RF silence / EMC controlled areas.
  • In base areas with drone repellents.
  • In RF-intensive and polluted operation areas.
  • In communication areas requiring extra security.
  • When two opposites sides of a wide river or valley need to be connected.
  • Can be deployed quickly when communication infrastructure is damaged by Natural Disasters like earthquakes or floods.
  • Minimum planning and deployment time.
  • Way more cost-efficient than laying cable infrastructure in rural places.
  • Applicable in providing a backup link when transmission via cable fails.